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Gemstone of the Week!!

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This week I've chosen a gemstone that is not very well known and is very rarely found in jewellers which is such a shame!  This weeks gem is composed of calcium phosphate....which is the same material that makes up teeth and bones! 

It's name is derived from the Greek word for "cheat".  As this gemstone looks similar to others, people felt they had been "cheated" when they bought it and it became known as the "deceitful stone", which is quite unfair.  So, what is this gemstone??

This is the gorgeous APATITE!

Apatite is found in a range of colours from colourless to yellow, green, pink, blue and violet.  The one above is my favourite.  Purple is one of the rarest colours, followed by blue from Brazil.  Madagascar produces a stunning neon-blue.  Or maybe you would prefer a light green, known as "asparagus apatite"!

As apatite is not well known, it doesn't feature very often in myth and legend.  However, as apatite is made up of the same mineral as our teeth and bones, many people believe apatite has powerful healing properties.  It is said to heal teeth, bones and cartilage.....draw out negativity and boost creativity...a stone of learning and inspiration.

So next time you're looking for a new piece of jewellery, choose a beautiful apatite...pick a gemstone that not many people know about!