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On The Bench!

On The Bench!Scarlett Willow DesignsComment

It's only a little over a couple of weeks until the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate and there still seems to be a lot to do!  My lighting arrived yesterday so I'll be testing those out today.  The final pieces will be going to be hallmarked at the end of this week and I'm finishing what seems to be a mountain of paperwork - press releases, catalogues, order forms, artist statement etc.

I'm so excited to be meeting people who have a passion for all things handmade.  So many things are created by machines, it seems that we're losing skills that have been passed on over thousands of years.  

So the next time you're looking to buy a piece of jewellery , or something a little bit special, whether for yourself or as a gift, consider buying a handmade piece. Handmade means a little piece of the artist in each piece, you don't get that with a machine. Buy a little piece of the artist...a little bit of their passion...a little bit of the skill that produces such wonderful pieces.

If you're a gallery or shop owner who is looking to stock handmade items, visit BCTF this year....I'm on stand N65 by the way!

Christmas Craft Market at the MAC

Scarlett Willow DesignsComment

From 11am to 5pm today, you can find me at the MAC in Birmingham (Cannon Hill Park) for their Christmas Craft Market!

Do some Christmas shopping or treat yourself!  I have some new designs with me today including some pendants created using a water casting technique and some very unique pendants created by fusing silver.  I love both of these techniques as you can guarantee that no-one else will ever be wearing the same!

I will posting pictures throughout the event on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest so if you can't come along but see something you just have to have, contact me and I'll put it to one side (as long as it hasn't sold in the meantime).

Have a great day everyone and I hope to see you at the MAC!

On The Bench!

ExhibitionScarlett Willow DesignsComment

I'm lucky enough to have been chosen to have my work shown in the B(u)y Me for Christmas Exhibition at Brampton Museum!  I'm very excited!!

So the next couple of weeks are going to be taken up making/choosing 20-25 pieces.  My problem is that I have so many new designs spilling onto my sketchbook!  Do I stick with what I have already created as well as a few new pieces?  Or do I go mad a create lots of new things?

I know what I SHOULD do....but this gives me an excuse to spend more hours at the bench  ;-)

You can visit the B(u)y Me for Christmas Exhibition from the 14th November to 10th January.