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Wedding Jewellery - Traditions and Folklore!

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So I'm just going to kick straight off with the piece of Wedding jewellery pretty much everyone has.....


The Wedding Ring  This one goes back a loooooooong way! Exchanging wedding rings dates back as far as the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and symbolises a circle of eternity, altogether now.....Aaaaaah


"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a Silver Sixpence In Your Shoe"  This is an Old English rhyme about charms that would be given to the bride on her wedding day.  The Something Old represents continuity, the Something New represents optimism for the future, Something Borrowed symbolises borrowed happiness and the Something Blue stands for purity, love and fidelity.  The Sixpence would be placed in the Bride's shoe by her father as a wish of good fortune and prosperity.  There are many ways of incorporating these into your jewellery ~ the old could be a family heirloom; the new could simply be your wedding ring; the borrowed could be a piece of jewellery loaned from your mum or best friend; and the blue could be a gemstone in your earrings or necklace.  I have combined the "Old" and "New" before into wedding rings....the "Old" was family gold jewellery that was never worn.  I melted it down and turned it into two "New" wedding rings. Drop me a line if know if you want to know more about this.


 Pearls  In Ancient Greek mythology, it was believed that pearls would ensure marital bliss if worn on your wedding day!  Pearls are traditionally given as a gift to the bride by the groom or her father to symbolise perfection, purity and innocence.



Gifts for the Bridesmaids   This tradition is more than just giving a gift, it's about the friendship between the bride and her bridesmaids, the support they've given her in the run up to the Big Day.  And it's always nice to be given jewellery!

The pendant above is from the "Drop" collection and would be perfect for your bridesmaids if you were wearing the statement necklace from this range.



Last but not least....

Something for the Groom and his Best Man  I made these cufflinks for a recent wedding fair where they went down a storm!  These would be a lovely gift from the bride to her groom on the morning of the wedding.  Cufflinks are also a nice memento for the Best Man and Ushers.

If something here has sparked an idea, I am more than happy to take commissions and produce something unique for your Big Day! Get in touch via the "Contact" page