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Gemstone of the Week!

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This beautiful gemstone is not commonly used in jewellery as it's quite a soft stone.   When in it is found in jewellery, it tends to be in earring and pendants.  Seraphinite gets its name from the Greek word "Seraphim", a celestial being with three pairs of wings, with it's feathery-like fibres that shimmer across the gemstone when turned in the light!

Sometime called "the angel's stone", Seraphinite is said to be able to balance the physical self with the emotional self, encouraging positive energy and harmony.

In traditional Hindu beliefs, Seraphinite is linked to the heart chakra which governs decision making, the emotions and love.

Many years ago, this gemstone was worn as an amulet to protect the wearer against snake bites!  No guarantees are given on that though!