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£186 of Unworn Jewellery.......Each!!

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A recent study has shown that each woman in the UK owns, on average, £186 of unworn jewellery, equating to a whopping £6.2 billion!!

Even though 70% of the 2000 women surveyed said that they choose to wear the same pieces every day, 1 in 5 admitted that buying new jewellery was their favourite affordable luxury.

It got me thinking , what are these pieces of jewellery that we don’t wear? Are they family pieces that have been handed down? Pieces that we bought years ago and have simply fallen out of love with? Gifts that we never really liked? Items that are not “in fashion” anymore?

So what should you do with these hidden pieces?

One thing I love about working with precious metals and gemstones is the ability to take unworn, unloved pieces and turn them into something new. There have been a few occasions when clients have asked me to take existing jewellery and create something more to their taste, create a statement piece. This usually means removing gemstones and melting the precious metal, whether it’s gold or silver. Being able to give new life to old pieces is something I love to do so if you have forgotten pieces that you would like to turned into a piece of jewellery that you’ll want to wear regularly then get in touch



And after! Old Family gold sandwiched between silver to create two rings with a frosted finish

And after! Old Family gold sandwiched between silver to create two rings with a frosted finish

Jars of Seaglass

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At the end of September, I was exhibiting at the Autumn Show in Malvern. I love this show, as a visitor and an exhibitor….especially the giant vegetable competition!

This year, I had a lot of people commenting on the “Morvoren Dagrow” collection that features seaglass. Each person I spoke to also had a love of these little jewels from the sea and loved to collect them on their trips to the coast. One woman had collected pieces from around the world! I asked each of them the same question…..

“What do you do with the pieces you’ve collected?”

Each and every person gave me exactly the same answer……

“I put it in a box or jar”

My reply was as follows……

Do you have a favourite piece? A piece that means a little more than all the others? You could always send it to me and I can create a beautiful piece of jewellery for you! “

I love creating bespoke pieces of jewellery for people, especially when they feature something from a place they’ve visited. And it doesn’t have to just be a piece of seaglass. Broken pottery, whether smoothed by the ocean waves or from Granny’s favourite teacup…a pebble that caught your eye….these can be turned into a piece of unique jewellery with meaning, my favourite kind of thing to make!

So if you’re someone who has a jar of seaglass or a piece of pottery that you would love to turn into a piece of jewellery for yourself or someone special, something unique, something with meaning, then please get in touch! Head over to the contact page and drop me a line

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