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Indie Friday

Black Friday? No thanks, Give me Indie Friday!

Indie Friday!Scarlett Willow DesignsComment

This Friday is "Black Friday".....originating in the USA, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and signifies the start of the Festive shopping season.  Stores open in the early hours offering crazy discounts and this has come over to the UK in recent years.

BUT.......this year there is an alternative ~ INDIE FRIDAY!


This campaign has been created by the lovely people at Just A Card (click to go their website).  Just A Card encourages people to buy from independent business, shops, galleries and designer/makers, that buying 'just a card' makes such a difference to these small businesses.

So instead of heading to the big shops this year, support a creative something beautiful and independent.....make someone do a little happy dance when you buy "Just a Card"!