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Hello Stranger!

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Gosh it's been a long time since I've written anything on here!  If you follow me on Instagram (@scarlettwillowd) or Twitter (@scarlettwillowd), you'll know that I've been away on my summer hols to the beautiful Cornish coast, a place that never fails to inspire.  So, now that the children are back at school, it's time to harness that inspiration into some new pieces.

Another source of inspiration has always been my local ancient oak forest.  Every season brings something new but Autumn is definitely my favourite, the lush green of the Summer giving way to the burnt oranges and yellows as the leaves get ready to fall; the blackberries changing from green through to red then finally to black; clouds of fluffy grasses; the pinky/purple heathers creating another contrast; don't get me started on acorns!  I adore everything about acorns, especially how something so tiny can grow into something so magnificent ~ a metaphor for life!  And some mornings there's that crisp chill, hinting at what's to come....I absolutely love it!  Bring on the log fires and the woolly socks!

What's your favourite time of year?