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On The Bench!

On The Bench!Scarlett Willow DesignsComment

It's been  bit of a manic week!  My poor bench has been a little neglected while I've been been preparing for BCTF but with more commissions coming in, it gives me a good reason to be sat there rather than in front of the laptop!

I love creating and will very often procrastinate about the paperwork/PR side of it because the bench is my comfort zone!  I know what I'm doing when I'm sat there and, I don't know if this is true for all creatives (if it is, please let me know!) but I feel I HAVE to sit at the bench pretty much every day, I need to create or work on something every day.  It doesn't have to be a huge amount but I have to get my "fix"!

On top of the commissions and BCTF and social media etc etc, I'm trying to buy a new house!  At the moment my workshop is in the attic (with the spiders, ugh!) but my new house has a ready built workshop....with a log burner....ON THE GROUND FLOOR!!!  The house buying process never seems to be a swift one but I am looking forward to sharing photos of my new space in the coming months!

Right, I'm off to get my "fix"!