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Christmas is Coming!

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Wow! These last few weeks have flown by!  With Worcester's Victorian Christmas Fayre beginning a week today, and the Christmas Craft Markets at the MAC in Birmingham the following two weekends, to say it's been a little manic in the workshop would be an understatement!

It hasn't helped that it's turned chilly and my little log burner needed some work so it's been like sitting in a fridge!  I could actually see my breath on many 4.30am starts!  It seems madness to be in the workshop at that time in the morning but my theory is I can sleep once the next couple of weeks are over :-)

The Victorian Christmas Fayre is one I haven't done before, although I have visited many times.  It really is a fantastic day out....mince pies, mulled wine and shopping, is there a better combination?  Trying to work out how many pieces to take to this four day event has proved to be a little trickier than I thought but I can only hope I've got it right.  If you are visiting this fabulous event, do pop by and take a look at some of my new designs and let me know what you think.

And I promise Santa won't mind if you want to treat yourself ;-)