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On The Bench!

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As you may remember, I have been working on a necklace for a competition.  It's now finished and images have been sent off to the judges!

I love the necklace (in fact I'm wearing right now!) but this is the first time I've sent a piece to be judged.  Obviously all my pieces are judged to some degree by visitors to the website or people I've met at events and shows but this is different and, I must admit, a little scary!

This piece, as always, has been inspired by nature and I've found this pattern/design in so many aspects of the natural world....branches roots of a fallen oak tree....seaweed gently swaying with the waves....the ripples in the sand formed by the ebb and flow of the tide...  

And so here it is .....

(It isn't the usual quality of image, I didn't have time to get it my photographer - forgive me Alex!) 

I've had comments from friends that it reminds them of something the elves would wear in Lord Of The Rings or Daenerys from Game of Thrones...compliments I'm more than happy with! What do you think?