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On The Bench!

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I have a couple of projects on the bench this week.  The first is a necklace that I've designed for a competition.  It took a little while to finish the design but now I'm pretty happy with it!  I was inspired by a number of things that have a similar "look" about them....winter branches reaching up to twisted tree roots... .seaweed gently swaying with the waves... More to come on that next week.

The second project is something I have never even contemplated, let alone attempted!  This isn't even a piece of jewellery so I'm completely out of my comfort zone!  My lovely husband  has requested, of all things, an egg cup!  But this is no normal egg cup, oh no....this is a Scarlett Willow egg cup so you can expect something a little bit different.  I've been working on it for a couple of weeks now so you can expect to see this by the end of the week.