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Something Old into Something New!

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I love trying new thing when it comes to making pieces of jewellery, so when a lady I chat with in the forest while walking our dogs asked me if I could try something new, of course I sad YES!

Like many of us, this lady had a collection of old jewellery, some broken, some given by family but most of it was not something she would wear. There was a lot of sentimental value attached to these pieces so giving them away or selling them was not an option.   This is where I came in!  

My client wanted each member of her family to have a piece made from her family gold.  We discussed a theme that would run through each piece so they would be linked.  After removing the gemstones, I then MELTED the gold into this....... 

Doesn't look like much now does it?  After going through my rolling mill more times than I can remember, we ended up with these....

Two tie pins, a gold band and a silver band with a gold nugget, all with leaf veining as the theme.....after all, we did meet in a forest!

If you have old jewellery that you don't wear but has sentimental value, consider having it turned into something new!