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On The Bench!

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After the mayhem of last week, this week is a little more relaxed.  The majority of commissions have left for their new homes and so peace reigns once lease as much as it has ever reigned in my household!

I'm recovering from my day at the MAC (standing for 6 hours is exhausting!) and taking notes on what sold, what didn't and what got the most interest. It's always surprising, very often what you thought would be most popular doesn't get the attention you thought.  I'm pleased to say that my new designs were well received and a necklace and cuff I wore got many comments and compliments so keep you're eyes peeled for that one in the new year.

The next big project is getting ready for my first trade fair in April next year and deciding which collections to take and planning new ones.  It's going to be a busy few months!

And I know this Christmas isn't over yet but I'm already looking to book events for NEXT Christmas so if you want to see Scarlett Willow near you, drop me an email with eents in your area!