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Gemstone of the Month!

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I'm a bit late with this so apologies to everyone!  January's birthstone is the one and only Garnet!

Garnet is found in range of colours from the deep red we are all familiar with to the vibrant green of the African Tsavorite to the oranges and browns of the Spessartite and Hessonite from Namibia and Sri Lanka to the subtle pinks of Rhodedendron.....something for everyone.

Derived from the word granatum, meaning seed (due to the gemstones resemblance to pomegranate seeds), use of Garnet can be dated back to 3100BC when the Egyptians used it in jewellery.  Legend says Garnet lights up the night and protects from nightmares.  It also signifies eternal friendship and trust so is perfect to give as a gift.