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Gemstone of the Week!

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This week I've chosen something that isn't one particular gemstone but a phenomenon that happens millions of years ago when gemstones form.  

Flowing hot water containing silica was forced into gaps between rocks.  When it cooled quickly, tiny crystals formed, looking like broken sugar cubes, to produce a thin layer of small quartz crystals attached to another gemstone.  This is called Druzy.

Druzy is often attached to amethyst or citrine but also can be found on agates, carnelian and chalcedony.  It is quite an expensive gemstone as the rough rock where the Drusy forms is normally round and geode-like in shape, so trying to cut out a piece where the base is reasonably flat results in a lot of waste, often 95%!! Not the most economical!

For centuries, it has been believed to give you increased energy and lead you to a balance life.