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Gemstone of the Week!

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Amber....this gemstone is actually fossilized tree resin from the Pinus succinifera tree and can be traced back to fifty million tears ago.  The resin is sticky and soft so Amber very often has animal and plant inclusions.  The leading source of Amber is just outside Kaliningrad, Russia, followed by the Baltic region.  Baltic Amber originates fro the seabed and is often washed ashore.  Amber can also be found in Italy, Romania, China, Japan, Burma, Mexico, Canada and the USA.

Amber is found in many different colours, most commonly yellow, orange and brown, but can range from pale lemon-yellow to almost black.  Amber from the Dominican Republic is considerably younger than other amber varieties and a pale blue amber has been found there.  There is also a rare green amber and a red amber own as 'cherry amber'.

Amber is said to carry a 'sunny' energy and so is said to dispel negativity.