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Presenting the Priscilla Bracelet!!

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It is nearly a month since a beautiful light in this world went to join the stars in the night sky.  

My amazing Godmother lost her brave fight with cancer.  The things that I remember most about her are her laugh...It was loud and infectious!...her marabou feather mule slippers with kitten heels....her love of pink!....her talent at dress making and interior design...her huge heart that gave so much love to everyone who met her...and it was returned by everyone who met her...

And while at the moment I still shed a tear when I think of her, I also smile and laugh...

My godmother was cared for by the amazing MacMillan nurses and by Mary Stevens Hospice.  I wanted to do something that I knew she would approve of and this is where my love of creating beautiful things came in. The bracelet you see below is in celebration of a life lived to the full...every time one finds a new home, a minimum of £7.50 will be split between the two charities so that they can continue the work they do day in, day out.  It means so much to the people who need their help but also to the families, they provide amazing support when it is needed the most.  I know I have used the word "AMAZING" a lot in this blog but do you know what, I can't think of a better word!