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Gemstone of the Week

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Everyone knows the "Big 4" gemstones - diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby - but here I'd like to tell you about other gemstones I think should find a place in everyone's jewellery box.  My favourite gemstone at the moment has to Labradorite.

This stunning gemstone was originally discovered in Labrador (hence the name!) in Canada in 1770.  It has now also been found all over the world including Norway, Finland, Madagascar and South America, to name just a few. Although "discovered" by Europeans, the native Inuit had been using the stone to heal ailments, calling it "fire rock" or "fire stone".

It can seem like such an ordinary looking rock but with just a slight tilt of the head, the most beautiful flashes of colour are displayed.  Legend has it that an Inuit warrior was walking along the coast when he saw that some of the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) had been trapped in the rocks that lined the shore.  With a swing of his spear, the lights were freed.