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History of Jewellery - The Ancient Egyptians!

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The ancient Egyptians had a culture of noblility and royalty who appreciated luxury and rarity and with their advanced technology and access to precious metals and gems, they soon became a leading force in jewellery manufacture.

5000 years ago, the Egyptians discovered gold in the riverbeds and easy ways to collect it.  As pure gold is soft and easy to work with, elaborate designs were created.  Golden jewellery soon became a symbol of status, power and religion and so noble families demanded more and more elaborate designs.  As well as gold, other materials were brought in from surrounding areas, including Lapis Lazuli  which was a favourite in the Scarab ornaments.  High quality Egyptian jewellery was highly sought after and traded in the ancient world.  Pieces have been found in ancient Persia, Turkey, Greece and Rome.

Egyptian nobility jewellery included necklaces, bracelets, amulets and pendants that were decorated with scarabs, birds, tigers and antelopes.  Their beautiful jewellery was buried with them to take to the afterlife and so these pieces have been perfectly preserved.