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Gemstone of the Week!

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The gem I've chosen this week is quite unusual as it is actually a natural combination of two gemstones, amethyst and citrine....and is called Ametrine!

The colour split in this gemstone is not a gentle blend of the two colours but quite a definite split.  It ranges from pale violet to deep purple and from pale yellow to gold brown.  Although amethyst is very common, natural citrine is very rare so finding natural deposits of Ametrine is limited.  The most desirable split is 50/50.  Despite being rare, Ametrine prices are still very affordable.

The largest  source of Ametrine is a  mine in Bolivia, made famous in the 17th Century when a Spanish Conquistador was given an Ametrine as a gift.  It was given to the Queen of Spain and so introduced to Europe.  Although this mine has been known to the Bolivians for hundreds of years, it has only been commercially worked since the 1980's.  Ametrine is also found in Brazil.

Since Ametrine is a blend of both amethyst and citrine, Ametrine can be the birthstone for those born in February and November and can represent the astrological signs of Pisces and Cancer

A beautiful example of Ametrine

A beautiful example of Ametrine